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    Come on a break away from the hustle and the bustle and enjoy physical exertion in the harsh desert environment.
    Here you will break emotional and personal frontiers. Enjoy the seclusion away from your daily routine for some introspection.

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  • Tours


    Feel the dry heat touching your skin, with the refreshing light breeze cooling the sweat [and tears].
    Savour the rush of blood through your body and your lungs as they work in a comfortable rhythm.

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    Everything including the kitchen sink.
    Rent your hiking, biking and camping equipment from the specialists.

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    We manage and runt mutisport events
    to help your push your limits and reach your goals.

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"I encourage you to accept that you may not be able to see a path
right now, but that doesn't mean it's not there.“

The backbone of Namibia Active Adventures has found it’s origin 20 years ago, when passion became profession. Frank Bombosch formed the retail outlet Cycletec Adventure Centre and from here we fast became involved in all aspects of the Sport of Cycling, Triathlon and in the Adventure Tourism sector. From the technical support at Save The Rhino Fundraiser Expeditions as well as organizing sports events in general we soon became the go to address for anything Active in Namibia and from Compass Namibia, CycleNamibia.com Namibia Active Adventures – in short NamActive was formed in 2018.

Even though our speciality remains Customised Expeditions we have also offer a whole lot of standardised Active Tours, assist in designing & customising your own Namibia Self Drive experience in Active Routes, rent you the special equipment needed in Active Rental and lastly showcase you some of the best Active Events you can take part in.

To experience this arid landscape in its purest form is only achieved by ‘living and surviving’ in it for a couple of days.

Our company is small enough to offer a very personal touch, yet established enough to ensure that nothing is left to chance on your journey far from the beaten track.

Even though you might find yourself diminished in this vast expanse, we are in a very fragile environment and our protection and conservation of this living desert is our priority.

Enjoy your tour on our website and send us a mail.

Frank Bombosch Adventurer

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