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The combination of the cold sub Antarctic upwelling of the Benguella current along the Atlantic coast and a hot subtropical interior has created a dramatic clash of sea and land, fog and dust and a whole lot more unbelievable forms of contrasts. This idyllic setting and vastness brings tranquillity and peace to every traveller, a place of magnificent solitude. This is made possible with experienced staff and complete back-up which our adventure safaris offer.

Feel the dry heat touching your skin, with the refreshing light breeze cooling the sweat [and tears]. Savour the rush of blood through your body and your lungs as they work in a comfortable rhythm. The constant singing of your chain and the hymn of the tyres floating over the endless gravel planes will bring out something deep and powerful in all of us. Pushing yourself up the gentle inclines and feeling the adrenaline rush through your body when descending down the technical slopes into the dry river bed below will leave you breathless with exhilaration.

However, the real sense of achievement and satisfaction of the day’s activities only comes when relaxing at the campfire with a refreshing drink and a first class meal.Even though you are in the middle of nowhere you will enjoy a high level of comfort at some of the leading Wilderness Safaris camps or in a first class ‘Nature’ camp with the finest cuisine. Pushing yourself to newly discovered limits, eating well, making new friends and good conversation at a crackling campfire, under the brilliant canopy of stars, surrounded by nothing but the sounds of the night and the distant cry of the Namib.


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